Doug Lockwood member of the Board of Directors for Angels Care Center

Monday, December 20 2010

Doug Lockwood is a member of the Board of Directors for Angels Care Center of Eloise, Inc. Nine churches throughout Winter Haven are joining forces to create the Angels Care Center of Eloise, which will provide free medical care at the Eloise Mission Church, 1020 Snively Ave. There are no paid employees involved with the project and everyone from the doctors and nurses to office help and translators are donating their time and expertise to the clinic. Volunteers of all backgrounds are still needed.

Doug Lockwood is a member of the Board of Directors for Hope Now Transition Center in Bartow, Florida. Hope Now is an organization of dedicated professionals and volunteers from throughout Polk County who have come together in partnership with the Sheriff’s Office in developing a transistion center and program that assists men coming from incarceration to successfully re-enter our community.

Hope Now offers men in the residential program an intense re-entry experience that will foster confidence and help develop indepependence once back in the community. Hope Now has also developed, from years of experience, a job skills training program as well as job placement assistance and a career training center. Additionally, Hope Now offers in-depth mental health screenings and drug addiction counseling with group and individual therapy sessions available with licensed professionals on staff.

Early in 2010, Ed White, along with others, met with Sheriff Grady Judd and shared the vision of a transistion center near all prisions in Florida. At that meeting the Sheriff shared his vision of the Polk County Work Camp, and Hope Now was born

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