News Release

July 19, 2021

UPDATE: Five Road Projects in Osceola County

Written by: Peterson & Myers, P.A.

Five major road projects have been identified by Osceola County for design, purchase or condemnation of the land and construction in the next five years.  The county created funding of over $200 million by refinancing Osceola Parkway bonds. The five major projects will improve Simpson Road, Boggy Creek Road, Poinciana Boulevard, Bill Beck Boulevard and Partin Settlement Road.  Osceola County plans to file eminent domain lawsuits for the property it does not obtain through negotiation.

We have helped numerous property owners and business operators in Central Florida including on behalf of clients located in Osceola County.  If your land is being taken please contact us for representation.  Under Florida law our fees and costs for our legal work and experts we hire to assist you are paid separately by Osceola County and not out of your compensation.  Deborah Ruster has over thirty years of experience in eminent domain work and is ready to help you.