The Peterson & Myers healthcare collection services includes: 3rd Party recovery; managed care insurance Denial and Underpayment Resolution, payment acceleration utilizing the Florida Prompt Payment Laws, and Refund protection for overpayments by managed care and federal payers; ERISA based recovery; Early out trauma related accounts including Coordination of Benefits, Lien Filing, Assignment of Proceeds Enforcement, Attorney to Attorney negotiation, Lawsuit Interventions, and claims filing and statutory demands for non-payment of PIP/No fault motor vehicle insurance; Federal Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) assistance with Third Level Appeals with Administrative Law Judges; and; Worker’s Compensation Petitions for Reimbursement Dispute Resolution for carrier non-payment or underpayment, including recovery through administrative hearings with Administrative Law Judges, and complaints for non-payment; Probate and Estate Claims filing and defense of Objection to Claims; Bankruptcy Claim filings and advocacy.