News Release

September 1, 2011

Robert E. “Bob” Puterbaugh Sponsors Exhibit at the Polk Museum of Art

Written by: Peterson & Myers, P.A.

Robert E. “Bob” Puterbaugh and his wife Malena are the Exhibition Sponsors of the Jessica Lange: In Mexico exhibit to be held at the Polk Museum of Art on September 17 – December 20, 2011.

Jessica Lange: In Mexico

September 17 – December 10, 2011
Emily S. Macey Gallery

Throughout the recent decades, as photography has finally seen itself thrust onto the scene as a legitimate art form, photographers have increasingly defined themselves more personally. Far from mere reputations as journalists or commercial sentimentalists, photographers have become the eyes of the art world and the bridge between manual creation and technological production. Jessica Lange is certainly no exception when focusing on the personal side of contemporary photography. Through Lange’s photography, we witness a fusion of intimacy and curiosity. Her portfolio titled Mexico, showcased in this exhibition, consists of compelling slivers of her experience with the country’s culture. Although unmistakably Mexican, these scenes are more than glimpses into another culture; Lange successfully uses a photographer’s sensibilities to conjure a broad representation of her own experience.